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Norwegian paradise

It was my first #summer in #Norway last year. I spent two wonderful months here, in #Trondheim. And I can tell you: when it's warm in summertimeit's the best place I want to be!

We took a drive from Trondheim to #Kristiansund. Navigator was showing us two ways, one was short and another closer to coast. We decided to take a second one and we were driving with no-o-o stress as long as we wanted. I was asking to stop really very often because I wanted to take picture of every #landscape we saw on our way.

Once we stopped at camping area, I think we were looking for a place to get some coffee and may be to have a lunch. But we saw a small hidden #paradise, or at least we couldn't see it from the road. #Water wasn't deep for many meters and small #island with wooden #bridge made it look very nice. It was a nice surprise for us, we were #swimming and enjoying our #trip.

Mostly people think Norway is about mountains and fjords (which is true) butit can be very different and sometimes surprise with #fantastic places for summer leisure vacation!

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  • 10.07.2015 19:59
    Nice pics.

    Summer in Norway is awsome on sunny days ;-)
    10.07.2015 20:07
    bussinessmamma: I am waiting for more warm days this year too, I hope we get lucky. In my home city it's around 30', my friends lay on the sun all weekends. I want to tease them too with pictures of both fantastic nature and summer ;)

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